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Situated in the brand new Laguna Shopping Centre, in a strategic and highly visible position, Jesolo’s new Famila Superstore can be easily reached from every direction. It has a sales area of 2,500 m_, 40% of which is dedicated to fresh food, 13 checkouts, 4 of which are “fast lane” checkouts for self-service payments and is likely to become a reference point and a popular destination for food and non-food shopping, with a range that will meet the needs of both residents and the large number of tourists who visit Jesolo Lido, this famous and prestigious tourist and seaside destination on the Adriatic, during the Summer season.  

Fresh food departments. There is a self-service meat counter, a fruit and vegetable section, with a large amount of products pre-prepared by the sales point, a milk and dairy section and a deli-counter, with assistants and self service, with a wide choice of takeaway items for rapid shopping, bread, pizza and frozen foods. There is also an inviting fresh fish counter which is staffed and also offers takeaway sales.

Stock. There are highly specialised fresh food departments, but the emphasis and space devoted to these has not affected the rest of the stock. There are an important number of preserved goods, personal hygiene and beauty products, household cleaning items and high turnover non-food items: an overall stock of around 13,500 items (2,200 fresh, 7,700 grocery and 3,600 non food) which, in the Summer season, reach 15,000 items.

High levels of service. Fast lane checkouts, service-orientated ranges with ready to eat foods in all departments and a wide range of seasonal items are just some of the aspects that underline the high levels of service offered by this extremely modern sales outlet, designed for those who don’t want to spend too much time shopping, but also want quality and choice. It is worth mentioning that there is also a large carpark on the ground floor under the store, which can be easily accessed by lifts and escalators.  

Tel. +39.0421.381956

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