Dersut, the Caballini family’s historic Veneto coffee roasting plant has, over the years, created a series of projects for cafes and coffee shops in the North-East with three different formats “La Bottega del Caffè Dersut”, “Italiana Caffè” and, more recently, “Giornale & Caffè”.

LA BOTTEGA DEL CAFFE’ DERSUT: this was created in 2002 and is one of Dersut’s most recent success stories. The name Bottega del Caffè was deliberately chosen to underline that this is a place where coffee is not only drunk, but also sold. It is also a term from the age of Goldoni that captures the spirit of a café, where you can experience every aspect of coffee, from its aroma, to the typically Italian tradition of the coffee-drinking ritual and its cultural universe.

This is an intelligent pairing, with which Dersut’s Bottega del Caffè gives the coffee break a different air and offers an immediate and important profitable business opportunity. Situated in city centres, shopping centres or in suburbs with a large population, the  Bottega is an environment with a particularly  welcoming and relaxing atmosphere that offers a vast choice  of blends, but also teas, infusions, fresh juices, non-alcoholic long drinks, savoury snacks and speciality patisserie. In line with current market trends, there are low-calorie, balanced, natural products with nutritional facts and carefully-selected ingredients. 

Dersut Caffè Spa
Ufficio Botteghe del Caffè
sito: www.dersut.it (coffee bars section)
tel. +39.0438.426309
email: bottegadelcaffe@dersut.it

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