Customers entering the Deja Vu store are instantly surrounded by the sophisticated, elegant atmosphere created by the owner and style coordinator Roberto Tegon.

At Deja Vu, as in all his stores, Roberto Tegon gathers inspiration from the fashion and art worlds and transforms them into atmosphere,  expressing and anticipating trends and creating a unique style for a progressive, sophisticated public. 

The need to stand out through exclusive, refined solutions leads him to follow fashion’s top names and to coordinate what the market  has to offer, with elegant attention to detail,  in an ongoing search for unparalleled beauty. 

The results are styles inspired by leading names that meet the needs of a refined, demanding clientele. 

The store not only offers clothing, but also footwear, accessories, furniture and objets d’art.

Roberto Tegon interprets contemporary trends in fashion, furnishing and art, with collections that capture their spirit and give every item a unique character. 

Tel. +39.346.1057728

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